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Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety and they spend a great deal of time trying to combat it as it can affect every aspect of their lives in a negative way. There are also many ways that people try to do so. You may have even heard it suggested that hypnotherapy Staten Island can be helpful.


Can you really effectively manage anxiety with hypnosis? In the minds of many who have to deal with anxiety that can sound very far fetched. If medications are not much help (which often they are not) and traditional psychotherapy seems to be less than effective how can being hypnotized help? The fact is however many people with anxiety feel that hypnotherapy Staten Island has helped them a great deal.

Part of the problem is that in those who suffer from chronic insomnia an anxiety about falling asleep┬áin general develops. Sufferers unconsciously condition their own mind to expect that falling asleep will be a struggle and so it very often is. And the more nights a person struggles to sleep the more anxious they become at bedtime, setting up a vicious cycle that often no amount of sheep counting or herbal remedies – or even over the counter sleep aids – can overcome.


How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Anxiety?

Where hypnotherapy can help is that it can address the subconscious. In people who suffer from anxiety their subconscious has been conditioned to react in an unhealthy way to stress even though people often do not realize that. By ‘speaking’ directly to the subconscious a skilled hypnotist can make use of techniques that help ‘reprogram’ that thinking so that people can react to stressors in a far healthier way.


Why Don’t More People Make Use of Hypnotherapy for Anxiety?

The question you might have however is that if hypnotherapy can be so effective for anxiety why don’t more people make use of it? Unfortunately years of Hollywood movies and stage shows featuring hypnotism as entertainment have given what is actually a very effective therapeutic tool a bad rap. And even if people are prepared to see hypnosis in a more serious light they really don’t know how to find a hypnotherapist who can help them or even how to tell if they are a good candidate for such therapies at all.

The key to solving this barrier to wellness is a little research and patience. When looking for a professional offering hypnotherapy Staten Island look for someone who is properly trained and accredited – at Freedom Hypnosis for example Craig Mackay is a Certified Hypnotist (and Instructor) and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists as well as a Certified Life Coach – certified by the International Association of Counselors & Therapists – and who can demonstrate experience in working with people who suffer from anxiety.

Once you have found such a person set up a phone call, as that can be an easy and very helpful way to determine if your personality will be a fit with theirs (which is also very important.) And then head off for your first hypnotherapy Staten Island session with an open mind, as true relief from anxiety may very well finally be just around the corner.

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