Over 1000 Clients Have Used These Simple Methods to Instantaneously Purge Stress & Anxiety:

Core 4 Methods of
State Control

Learn 4 powerful methods to flip Stress, Overwhelm & Anxiety into Calm, Confidence and Bliss in less than 60 seconds.

Emotional Mastery Is Possible & Easily Obtainable

Dear Friend,

Are you finding that stress, anxiety & fear are pulling your life in the wrong direction?

If so, you’re going to love this ground breaking discovery that puts most personal development gurus to shame.

Because I discovered 4 core techniques that can help anyone manifest sizmic amounts of abundance and prosperity in their lives by conditioning their mental state.

See, I’m not one of those people sitting in my private library “thinking” about ways to heal people…

I’m On The Front Lines Helping My Clients Overcome Every Possible Challenge You Could Possibly Imagine

Over the past 7 years, I’ve worked with well over 1,000 clients while being one of the highest rated hypnotists in New York City on Yelp & Google.

During that time, I’ve had people come into my office dealing with a slew of issues keeping them from being their best selves:

CEOs struggling with relationship issues with their children…
Single mothers that wanted to remove subconscious money blockers…
Sales professionals that would one day wake up and be drained of all their confidence.
Single men who just can’t get the courage to walk up and start a conversation.
Anxiety-ridden parents that are suddenly terrified to leave their house.
Teen's and young adults struggling with anxiety & self doubt unable to focus on school or the important things that matter the most. 

I’ve seen and heard it all.

But after careful examination, I realized that no matter who they were or what issue they were dealing with...most of them had the same core problem:

They Felt Stuck!

They would struggle with the same limiting beliefs & fears that would hold them back from living their true potential.

Most of them were drained to the bone by the time I saw them...hoping for a spark to light their dark tunnel.

They were tired of acting like passengers in their life watching it fly by before their eyes.

Some were missing out on life changing opportunities...

Others wanted to overcome addictions and bad habits they just couldn’t shake off.

Or wake up and enjoy the simple things in life to feel normal and in control.

They were seeking a life change away from the constant worry, stress and anxiety/

Which is why they would call me up in the middle of their crises looking for a fast change.

Many were on that mid or quarter life crises stage.

Other's had just had enough and wanted to get back to their normal selves.

Most of them thought they needed to make some serious life altering changes.

But in reality...

They Didn’t Need to Experience a
“Life-Awakening” Change

After seeing a recent client, I had a life changing epiphany.

See, I recognized that most people needed a change immediately...

Not tomorrow, not 1 hour from now...

Right now.

Because more often than not...they would have a chain reaction of emotions in their brain.

Like one dominio knocking over another one.

Their downfall always started with one negative thought or feeling that led to another…

...and another…

...and another...

They would be telling me they’d spend many hours...even full days living in their own version of hell because of one negative thought or emotion.

Almost like their brain was holding them at gunpoint with a fully loaded anxiety shot...and their brain was eager to pull the trigger at the “right-moment”.

Here’s Why Your Negative Emotions Are Holding You Back From Greatness

Everyone has hidden beliefs in their subconscious.

When you try to go against those beliefs, your brain's defense mechanism kicks in.

Triggering feelings of anxiety, worry & stress!

Our brain is incredibly talented at keeping us alive.

(Makes sense how we’ve become the dominant species.) 

It knows what to look out for and what dangers to avoid based on survival instincts.

However, this creates a series of problems...

Because our brain's initial programming kept us alive in the wilderness...

But in today's day and age, those feelings of fear, anxiety & stress are not only helping...They’re hindering our progress.

This is also why...

Most Methods Of Treatment Are Either Too Slow Or Flat Out Don’t Work

Devouring fistfuls of medications, spending an hour a day meditating...or even going to long-term therapy are NOT the right solutions.

Although some are great for mental health...they don't immediately solve the core issue of negative feelings.

So, the mental blockers & fears just continue to come back over and over again.

Not to mention most of these self proclaimed gurus methods take wayy too much time.

When my client is getting the jitters 3 minutes before an important event...they can't take a 30-minute meditation break.

They need something that WORKS FAST!

Which is why when I had my epiphany I discovered...

How to Purge Negative Thoughts & Beliefs Once and For All

I would see clients that have tried everything before to overcome their inner rooted anxiety & self sabotage from:

Self Hypnosis
Traditional Tapping
Breath work

You name it, I've heard it.

And although these methods are dominant...

...they rarely tackle the root subconscious problem...or take tooo long to perform.

But the biggest thing every guru forgets to mention in their long drawn out sales pitch….

No Single Method Works For Every Person!

Too many gurus put everyone in one box…

Every self help program is the same! 

They teach you their ONE specific method to manifest an emotional change which they believe is a godsend.

And when it doesn’t work...you know what they say?

“You need to change your mindset…”


There’s 8 billion people on this earth, and every single one of us is different.

So, I began going back through the thousands of sessions I’ve held with clients.

Thinking back and referencing call recordings…

Writing pages of notes to figure out the best methods that can help someone master their emotions NOW.

And what I discovered is that time and time again, there were four core methods that had the greatest change.

That could help someone flip negative emotional triggers into real joy, peace and confidence.

So, I decided to host a short, no-fluff workshop to teach anyone how to master their emotional states without having to shell out the cost of working with me 1-1.

I’d Like To Introduce You To “The Core 4 Methods of State Control”

The Core 4 Methods of State Control is a workshop I hosted for a select group of private clients.

Here's how it works:


Watch the workshop to learn the Core 4 Methods.


Follow the Instructions & Master the One State Change Method That Resonates With You


Use The 60-Second Technique to Shift Negative Emotions & Thoughts into Positive States. 

Your Investment to Join the Core 4 Methods of State Control is Just $27

Here’s Everything You’re Getting When You Join Today:

Core 4 Workshop ($497 Value)
The One Word Self Suggestion ($67 Value)
EFT Freedom ($97 Value) 
The Self Hypnosis Survival Guide ($37 Value)

Total Value: $698

Your Investment: Only $27

Get instant access to the program & bonuses to never let fear, anxiety or stress influence your life direction again.

Imagine What Life Could Be Like When You Have TOTAL Control Of Your Emotional State?

The most important moment in our lives is this moment right now.

Not tomorrow, not yesterday, not 5 years ago...

This very second.

Action takes place in the present.

And when you’re operating at your best in the present, there’s nothing that can get in your way.

Just imagine what is possible when you know you can instantly shift your state to feel:







And much much more!

I’ve seen my clients suddenly start manifesting more abundance by opening themselves up to their surroundings…

...while others have moved past their internal doubts & fears to create and foster strong and fruitful relationships.

All by simply spending 60 seconds to put them into a calm, relaxed state.

Overall, using any of these Core 4 techniques lowers cortisol leading to a happier, healthier life.

But Here’s Where It Really Gets Exciting

After 7 years, I figured out the Core 4 Methods to help anyone manifest an emotional state change almost instantly.

But what I didn’t expect was the amount of research studies done on each of these 4 methods.

Studies have shown that when you deal with your emotional issues, it can lead to a more balanced body & mind. 

This leads to a healthier, happier you in the long term. 

That's because there's an inverse relationship between our emotional wellness and the way we feel physically. 

If you're feeling down, your body might be suffering, too… and what’s even worse - for longer periods of time than when you were happy! 

It could even affect how well your immune system works... or if there are any chronic health problems that need to be addressed by a doctor like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Each of these 4 methods has been scientifically proven to help a person not only manifest a state change…

...but also to live a longer, happier, more prosperous life.

The best part?

You don’t have to attend a long, expensive 30-day seminar…

All it takes is 1 hour to watch the workshop.

And 60 seconds to follow each technique.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn inside the Core 4 Workshop:

A simple way to shift your brain state to learn more information (use this whenever you read or take online courses).

The art of “attention shifting” and how to utilize it to shift your attention towards positivity towards negativity.
Emotions vs Feelings - the missing link that 90% of people overlook causing them to never have control over their emotional state.

A dead simple method anyone can remember that will release any negative feeling in a matter of seconds (my personal favorite).
The 3b’s of emotion that you MUST understand if you want to not only change your state...but also experience unbreakable confidence.
How to use self-talk the right way to energize & motivate yourself in any situation.
The secret to using LRC to analyze & change our states fast (this is one of the most valuable tools I learned from my trainer).
The “gut breath” technique that makes it easy to become present in the moment (without meditation).
How to combine all 4 of these techniques to maximize positive state change (and know what specific situations to use each one).
4X7X8 breathing method that not only absorbs more oxygen in your blood...but also helps you remain present in the moment (this breathing technique makes it easy to hit the “refresh” button if you’re feeling so stressed or anxious you’re having trouble thinking.)
Why the advice “just think positively” and “push towards reaching your goals” is total bs and can cause MORE stress & anxiety - I’ll show you why and what to do instead.

Core 4

Learn 4 simple methods to flip stress, fear & anxiety into peace,
flow & confidence in less than 60 seconds:

Core 4 Workshop ($497 Value)
The One Word Self Suggestion ($67 Value)
EFT Freedom ($97 Value) 
The Self Hypnosis Survival Guide ($37 Value)

Total Value: $698

Your Investment: Only $27

Here’s What Dozens of My Clients Have Experienced Using These Same Techniques:

And I’m willing to bet on that, because I’m willing to lose money if you don’t like it.

The Core 4 Workshop is Backed by a One Year No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s the deal…

If you go through the workshop, and you don’t find that you’re living a more abundant, prosperous life because you have total control over your emotional states…

I’ll give you a full refund up to a full year later.

And I’ll even eat the additional payment processing fees.

I Also Want to Give You a Few Bonus
Downloads to Fast Track Your Results…

Bonus #1:
Self Hypnosis Survival Pack
($37 Value)

I’m going to give you access to my Self Hypnosis Survival Pack. 

These are 6 guided Self Hypnosis audios that I’ve used on myself and with my clients time and time again to rewire new beliefs into our subconscious.

Hypnosis is the easiest way to manifest belief change.

And I know these hypnosis audios WILL help you create change fast.

Unlike other websites that sell those long boring drawn out self hypnosis audio tracks…

...these are ones you will actually enjoy and find yourself coming back to time & time again.

All yours completely free when you sign up for the Core 4 Workshop.

Bonus #2:
The One Word Self Suggestion
($37 Value)

This short bonus section of the workshop makes it easy for you to radically alter negative subconscious thoughts & feelings by using just one little word. 

During this session, you will learn how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to instantly awaken yourself from a negative state. 

When you follow this process, it’s easy to shift your state from negative to positive feelings and emotions…

...with just one word.

Bonus #3:
EFT Freedom
($37 Value)

EFT (tapping) is one of my favorite methods I cover in the Core 4 workshop.

It’s also one of the easiest ways to quickly experience a state change.

However, what I’ve discovered is  that others who teach tapping share a complex or “generic” method that doesn’t work for everyone.

So, I decided to put together 5 of my favorite EFT exercises as an added bonus to the Core 4 Workshop to make it easy for anyone to follow and work through the tapping routines.

People sell tapping exercises for hundreds of dollars, but EFT Freedom will be completely free when you invest in  the Core 4 Workshop.

I’ve Invested Over $30,000 So You Don’t Have To

Looking back at my career, I’ve spent well over $30,000 learning how to serve my clients.

To not just give them an “ok” result…

But to help them radically transform their lives.

And after all that money has been spent, I can tell you with certainty that the Core 4 Workshop provides the easiest & and most efficient methods to quickly alleviate negative emotions.

Because this is such a great deal, I’m seriously considering that I should raise the price to $97.

I've even had a few other hypnotists tell me that this is WAY to cheap for what's inside.

But for right now, I want to keep this affordable for everyone.

So if you’re on the fence, just try it out for a year.

And if you don’t experience the positive changes you crave, I’ll give you a full refund.

Fair enough?

If you have more questions, I've answered a few below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs and bonuses are included in The Core 4 Methods of State Control?

The Core 4 Method is about an hour long workshop explaining exactly how to use 4 different techniques to change your state. 

How do I cancel or get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Simply send an email to craig@freedomhypnosisnyc.com letting me know and I’ll promptly give you a full refund.

How does the Core 4 Methods work exactly?

During the workshop, I teach you 4 very simple techniques that you can choose to quickly shift your emotional state. All the techniques are very easy to remember, often involving just one or two steps.

This was designed on purpose so anyone could remember the steps very quickly.

Who should learn these techniques?

If any of these apply to you, I highly recommend you try out the methods I teach in the workshop

-You regularly deal with anxiety & stress that are clouding your day.

-You find yourself spending long amounts of time thinking about worst case scenarios.

-You’re looking for a new slight edge to improve your performance.

-You are frequently in high stress situations and need a tool in your back pocket you can use at any time to perform at your best.

-You want to show up as your best self, to be there for your family, friends, and the important things that matter in your life.

Could you tell me a few potential use cases of the program?

Honestly, the use cases are limitless, but a few I can think of off the top of my head are:

-Overcoming panic & anxiety attacks.

-Pushing fear aside and taking action

-Stepping up to important sales meetings, speeches or anything else that causes you stress or anxiety.

-You want help focusing & acting as your best self during the day.

-And so much more!

How does this compare to other stress relief programs?

Unlike long drawn out fluffy programs, this program takes just one hour to consume and the techniques can be applied instantly. 

How long is the program?

That’s the best part! It’s only one hour. 

Be honest, does it really take 60 seconds for these methods to work?

Yes! Seriously, try it out and if they don’t work, I’ll give you a full refund.

Core 4

Learn 4 simple methods to flip stress, fear & anxiety into peace, flow & confidence in less than 60 seconds. 

Core 4 Workshop ($497 Value)
The One Word Self Suggestion ($67 Value)
EFT Freedom ($97 Value) 
The Self Hypnosis Survival Guide ($37 Value)

Total Value: $698

Your Investment: Only $27

Get instant access to the program & bonuses to never let fear, anxiety or stress influence your life direction again.

Help Me...Help You

Trust me, I get it.

This probably isn’t the first product like this you’ve tried.

You’ve probably read most of the books, tried a gazillion meditation & self improvement apps, and all the different exercises …

And still NOTHING you’ve found has ever worked like all those gurus promised.

To be honest, I can’t guarantee this will 100% work for you either.

But do you know what I can promise?

That I’m going to give you my all. With that said...

Let me tell you a quick story...

When I moved to New York without a cent to my name to start my hypnosis business, I was terrified.

I doubted myself.

I honestly was ready to call the whole thing off before getting on the plane from Scotland.

But do you know what I did?

Using one of the methods in this workshop, I flipped my state.

I got that jolt of confidence I needed to take a leap of faith.

I left my cushy job and got on the damn plane.

To start a brand new life which I knew nothing about.

Let me take your hand, and help you make that leap.

Let me show you how to stand up in the face of fear.

And rise above that mental B.S holding you back towards greatness.

- Craig Mackay

Backed by 1 Year Money Back Warranty 

P.S. - If you skipped to the bottom,
here’s the lowdown:

After working with over 1,000 clients, I recorded a short workshop teaching my private clients how to flip negative feelings of anxiety, worry & stress into confidence, peace & flow in less than 60 seconds. 

I’ve also included 3 incredible bonuses to help you fast track the results you get from the workshop.

I put my heart & soul into this workshop...and I’m so confident you’re going to love it that I’m offering a 1 year no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

If you have any additional questions, please email me at:





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