Anxiety and Stress Management

Anxiety Relief with Hypnosis

Feeling Anxious?

Hypnosis can help you get back on track.

Why feel out of control any longer? Hypnosis can help you manage your life. We at Freedom Hypnosis have a systematic approach to help address out-of-control emotions, habits, beliefs, and feelings— those things that combine to induce feelings of anxiety.


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Manage Anxiety With Hypnosis

When you’re feeling anxious you may display a number of related symptoms, including panic attacks.  We educate you with self-hypnotic methods that show how to deal with these feelings.We strive to create a greater sense of calm in the present as we work together to restructure and reprogram negative patterns and feelings to lighten the effects of anxiety in the future.

Stress and anxiety can seem to just be the way of life for some! But learning how to manage anxiety with Hypnosis will reduce the level of anxiety and stressful feelings that wear your down and dampen your outlook on life. You’ll then be able to control your feelings and enjoy a life of greater relaxation that will release your confidence, and give you a new zest for the life!

Release Anxietywith Hypnosis

Lighten Your Anxiety with Hypnosis

As you manage your life, you can purposefully focus on your ambitions and become more socially visible, by eliminating nervous tendencies.

We at Freedom Hypnosis believe that patterns of anxiety can be evaluated by having three to six Hypnosis sessions.  It is an excellent way for us to address your individual needs.  When you leave each session with a sense of accomplishment, we’ll know we’ve succeededthat’s our mission.

Stress and anxiety need not control your life, so we offer to help you relax deeply and naturally, shift your perspective, handle stress with tranquility, and appreciate life to the fullest!

Our Sessions Are Helpful

Every session is different.  In our first meeting we discuss your goals and past challenges.  You will experience a positive and encouraging hypnosis session as you explore the benefits that cause you to lighten your anxiety and manage your life.

Call (917) 300-1809 today or contact us online to learn how you can have the tools that naturally deal with anxiety, and transform the way you think and feel.

Clients Testimonial

“I visited Craig after I started experiencing panic attacks and anxiety. I had tried yoga and sessions with a therapist, but nothing seemed to be helpful. Craig is a wonderful human being and hypnotist. He helped me understand how our brain works, showed me useful techniques to cope with anxiety and introduced me to hypnosis. He took time to listen to me, understand what my problems were and lay out the most suitable plan for my case. At the end of each session, he would send me the recording of the hypnosis. That gave me the chance to continue working on my own, between the appointments. I am so happy and grateful for finding Craig and I highly recommend him.”

– Iro P

“Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for having met Craig.  I brought my teen daughter to him because she was suffering from fairly debilitating and very specific anxiety.  He not only made a skeptical teen feel completely at ease, he gave her hope that she could be free of her anxiety.  After just 3 sessions, she is nearly there!  For the first time, my daughter feels that she is able to control where her mind goes and she chooses to walk her mind away from the anxiety – and she’s pretty proud that she has that power now!  I am so deeply thankful for finding Craig here on Yelp and taking a gamble on what was to me, an unfamiliar modality.  Thank you, Craig!  Your work changes lives.”

- Barbara C

“I came to Craig several weeks ago to help me with my flight and generalized anxiety.   After only one intensive session, I truly felt a monkey was lifted off my back.  Craig truly pays attention to your needs and dives right into your condition.  He always gave me the extra time i needed to teach me how to help myself understand and master my phobias. It never felt rushed.  Hypnosis by Craig was an eye opener that I needed to understand me.  I truly recommend his services as the only option over traditional therapy for anxiety.   I can never truly pay Craig for what he has done to help me.”


- Andrew P

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