Heal Heart Break

Hypnosis To Heal Heart-Break

Hypnosis To Forget Someone

Can hypnosis make you forget someone?
Or heal a broken heart?

So your heart’s been broken. Is it true that hypnosis can help you forget someone?

  • The Mind doesn’t have the ability to negate/delete.
  • The Mind has a complex network of associations.
  • The real issue? Heal the feelings.

The mind does not have the ability to negate. You cannot try to NOT think about someone or something. You can, however, focus on something else. As an example – TRY to NOT think about a pink elephant. You must first think about it, then try to delete it. You must reference the very thing you are trying to forget.

Hypnosis Helps Moving Forward

The mind has a complex network of associations that surround the significant people in our lives. There may be a place, sound, smell or even another person that reminds you of the person or situation that you’d like to forget. Ever had a song, smell or taste remind you of a memory? Or what if someone brings up the person or situation you’d like to forget? That can trigger the associated memories and feelings.

So what is the best solution? To heal the feelings. It’s really the unpleasant feelings that are unwanted. So healing the emotions is the solution. Learning any lessons that are there to be learned, then opening up to healthier opportunities in the future. It’s all about moving forward.


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