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Overcome Fears Forever with Hypnosis

Do You Have Fears?

Free yourself from your fears, phobias, and apprehensions!

Fears and phobias hold a person back from experiencing an uninhibited lifestyle. A reasonable example might be: you love swimming but are afraid of drowning; so you miss out on the opportunity to swim with your friends in the most exotic, luxurious and breathtaking swimming pool.


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What Are You Afraid Of?

Are you afraid of getting on an airplane to enjoy your long-awaited vacation, or business trip? Perhaps you get a cold chill thinking about setting foot in an elevator, or terrified to speak in front of a crowd of people. Maybe snakes or spiders make you want to jump out of your skin. Freedom Hypnosis can help you banish or overcome fears forever! Yes, we can help you to quickly overcome your fears.

Consider the fact that a fear, apprehension, or phobia is an emotional response that had to be learned. It’s your mind’s natural tendency to create this kind of feeling out of protection. We can help you to use Hypnosis as a means to unlearn the fear and retrain the protective thought patterns.

Overcome Fears With Hypnosis - Freedom Hypnosis NYC

Hypnosis Can Help Overcome Fears

The moment has arrived for you to explore the avenue that will give you the freedom to accomplish your dreams.You’ll receive individual attention from trained and experienced hypnotists, at Freedom Hypnosis. With every session, we tailor the work to the individual and their goals. We give you the tools to become a confident and empowered human being.But even more importantly – we help you to take back control of how you feel and react. Catching up on those things that have been long placed on the back burner because of fear, will be a refreshing change.

Clients Testimonial

“I came to Craig several weeks ago to help me with my flight and generalized anxiety. After only one intensive session, I truly felt a monkey was lifted off my back. Craig truly pays attention to your needs and dives right into your condition. He always gave me the extra time i needed to teach me how to help myself understand and master my phobias. It never felt rushed. Hypnosis by Craig was an eye opener that I needed to understand me. I truly recommend his services as the only option over traditional therapy for anxiety. I can never truly pay Craig for what he has done to help me.”

– Andrew P.

“I felt very safe and he was very thorough with explaining the process and getting to know what i need to work on. The hypnosis itself was extremely relaxing and i can tell that over the last week i feel much better about certain things and more grounded so I am looking forward for the next session with him to work on other issues.”

– Caroline T.

“After only 2 sessions (and I very much plan to schedule more), Craig has guided me to take control of the goodness of my life. I never realized how far off my path I’d gone until he helped me find my way back. My confidence has improved greatly. My self-awareness has expanded, my insecurities are waning, my negative impulses are less frequent, my trust in myself and others is growing, my racing mind has slowed to smell the flowers. He has helped me to understand that true inner peace is completely possible to have. Life is richer and I am more in control and in touch with my higher awesomeness!”

– Samantha D.

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