Closely Guarded Muay Thai Secrets Leading to 36 Professional Wins Against Larger & Stronger Opponents...

Give Me 14 Days And I'll Teach You Essential Muay Thai Techniques to Defend Yourself & Your Family In The Face of Adversity

Best of all, it's easy to get started as it doesn't matter what shape your in, what body type you have or what equipment you don't even need a partner to get started

Why go to the gym when you can get in shape and learn how to punch at the same time?

Dear Friend,

In the next 14 days, I want to help you unlock a powerful hidden force inside you.

After you go through this transformation, you will NEVER look at the world from a place of fear or scarcity.

Luckily for you, this transformation will take less than 15 minutes a day.

See, I believe that in this decade, there’s no better skill to know than the ability to defend yourself in any situation.

Here’s why…

Everyday I see it on one of the social networks.

A strange, scary-looking person stalking a helpless woman...

Men need to know how to defend themselves (and women being terrorized)

Women need to know how to defend themselves when in dangerous situations

Which is why I strongly believe...

Learning how to defend yourself and others, gives you a different view of the world.

Instead of operating from fear… you operate from confidence.

Instead of feeling helpless watching victims get terrorized… you step up and push back.

Instead of feeling like a coward thinking about what you could have done… you look at yourself like a hero.

I’ve helped dozens of people make this shift.

One person in particular learned how to defend himself and lose 160 pounds in the process!

While others have created a new found confidence in themselves to rise above in the face of fear and adversity.

And if you want to experience the same transformations that myself and my students have experience then the Iron Strong Challenge could be for you.

But before we dive into that, let me be real with you for a second...

Everything You’ve Been Told About Learning Martial Arts & Self Defense is a Big Fat Lie!

There’s a bunch of myths and lies out there about learning martial arts that are simply FALSE like:

“You need to train for over an hour a day to see results.”
“You have to have a certain genetic makeup or body to train.”
“You have to be flexible and athletic before you can train.”
“You can’t train without a partner.”
“You need to go to a gym to train.”
“You need to spend a lot of money on equipment before you get started”

But this one really makes my blood boil: 

“Learning Martial Arts Is Expensive,
and It Takes a Lot of Time”

This line is total BS!

Many people would come up every day and say the same thing:

“I’d love to learn, but I just don’t have enough time.”

I don’t blame them.

Honestly, there’s always something that needs to get done in our lives.

But, what if it didn’t have to be this way…

What if you could learn how to throw a punch and get in shape, in just a few minutes a day?

Lucky enough, it’s easy to do and very possible.

Now, there’s hundreds of different martial arts out there.

And there are pros and cons to each.

But I honestly believe that for beginners Muay Thai is the best martial art to learn to defend yourself & get in the best shape of your life.

Here’s Why You Should Start Learning Muay Thai

Muay Thai is widely known as the most effective striking form. This has been proven through combat sports, such as UFC & MMA, time and time again. 

(UFC Champion Anderson Silva Started His Martial Arts Journey With Muay Thai).

Muay Thai is a very complete stand up fighting form as it uses punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. 

It’s effective in all stand up ranges against the meanest, toughest opponents. 

Long range using kicks to keep attackers at bay 🦵
Medium range  punches and knees for maximum impact 🥊
Close range using elbows and clinch (stand up grappling / sweeps) 

Muay Thai is very simple and right to the point. It’s based on efficient and effective movements to cause the most damage without needing to have immense brute strength. 

For that reason, it’s highly effective for self defense

Not to mention it's also one of the few martial arts that has been battle-tested in real-life situations.

Muay Thai includes striking techniques, as well as locks and body momentum techniques, that make it easier to handle bigger and stronger opponents

Not only does Muay Thai teach you how to defend yourself, you will instill a sense of powerful guiding principles to follow as you slowly master the art.

Throughout generations, Muay Thai has always been based on a rich culture of respect, discipline, humbleness, courage, and building a warrior spirit, among many guiding values. 

It makes the body, kind, and spirit stronger. 

Best of all, when we train, we use the whole body making it an amazing workout for those looking to get in shape. 

Every exercise has a baked in Cardio HITT workout, as well as strength conditioning exercises, to maximize results. 

As a side effect, you’ll slowly find you have more and more self confidence as it’s easy to see results in learning effective and simple self defence techniques, as well as strength in the body and mind. 

But to be honest, learning Muay Thai online is hard (or so I thought).

Because there’s so many technical moves that someone needs to follow in order not to hurt themselves.

After hours of research, I figured out a perfect solution...

The New Way to Learn
Muay Thai Online

Before I started Iron Strong Academy, I had taught dozens of people offline.

And to be honest, looking at other online Muay Thai & martial art programs out there didn't impress me.

Many we're confusing...or we're not giving clear directions about HOW to follow the technique.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to replicate the same routine without a gym.

Plus, how do you give someone technical advice through a computer screen?

I wrapped my head around this for a while, trying to figure out the best solution.

Honestly, I didn’t think there was a way to make this happen the right way.

Until I had an epiphany that changed everything for me and my students…

“What if I COULD show someone the precise movements they needed to make in order to train the right way?”

I decided to pull up one of my videos and using my amateur video editing skills... started pointing out exactly how to follow a specific technique:

And people loved it!

I started receiving incredible feedback about my style of online training.

I realized this would change the entire martial arts industry for the better.

No more basic “follow along” and hope you don’t throw your back out videos…

I was going to get detailed, and show someone with pinpoint accuracy what all their moves should look like.

I studied the best to find intense workouts that could be done fast, at home, and without any equipment.

My goal was to give anyone the means to learn Muay Thai online, no matter what circumstances or situations they are dealing with.

The method I discovered will change the way Muay Thai and other martial arts are taught online.

It will make it easy to train with proper technique without needing to shell out hundreds of dollars at a gym or on equipment.

It’s called “Precision Teaching”, and it makes it easy for anyone to follow the movements the right way.

Without great instructions, online training can cause serious injuries.

Which is why Precision Training will ensure you’re learning the right way without hurting yourself or causing injuries.

I’ve been blessed to be training in Muay Thai for years now.

Because without it, I honestly don’t know where I would be today...

My Journey From Being a
Broken Man to
Champion Muay Thai Fighter

Hey, I’m Mike Triana

A 5x National Champion, an international competitor, and currently, a professional fighter. 

I have fought in professional matches across the world in some of the most prestigious tournaments in existence.

But, I didn't suddenly wake up and become a champion.

At the start of my career, I was ready to give up. 

5 years ago...I hit rock bottom.

I was in Brazil gearing up for my first professional fight.

But in a matter of days, my excitement turned into darkness.

The girl I thought I was going to spend my life with dumped me.
Then I broke my hand in training.
And to top it all off, I broke my rib during another training session.

I was literally a broken man.

My mind was literally screaming at me to go back home and give it all up.

Everyday was physically agonizing, and I honestly had no idea how I was going to pull through for my fight coming up.

I was on the edge ready to call it quit.

And I knew most people would have been ok if I decided to throw in the towel and call it quits.

I did after all have a broken hand and a beat up rib…

Nobody would have blamed me given the circumstances.

But something deep down told me to keep going.

That even though the pain was there, it would all be ok.

I made a pact with myself.

That I wouldn't walk into the ring and "hope for the best”...

I was going to knock this guy out COLD!

So I stepped past all the pain and suffering into the light.

I gathered my strength and pushed it all aside.

And when I stepped into the ring as a broken man...

 I Won! 3 Round TKO!

Since then, I’ve gone on to win 8 more professional fights, 6 by knockout! 

And I vowed to live the Iron never let adversity, pain or fear decide what I can and cannot do.

Most importantly, I want to share my knowledge with others across the world.

Our world needs champions to rise above the ashes and stand tall in the face of fear and adversity.

Which is why I’m putting together this challenge to teach anyone how to protect themselves and start living the Iron Way in the next 14 days.

In fact...

You don't Need Any Experience,
Past Knowledge or Equipment!

If you’ve always been curious about martial arts, but haven’t stepped into a gym before (or maybe once or twice), this is for you.

During our time together, it’s not going to matter if you don’t have any experience or equipment.

It’s not going to  matter what physical shape you’re long as you can walk, you can follow these exercises.

All it takes is showing up for 15-20 minutes, everyday for the next 14 days.

Ready to Live
The Iron Way?

To protect yourself...your family, and your loved ones?

To rise above in the face of adversity?

If so then I invite you to take the Iron Strong Challenge

Because what you will find is that you will not only learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones…’ll begin to create a new identity.

I was a broken man before I won my first professional fight.

Many of my students started training after going through a traumatic experience.

But instead of lying down and drowning in misery…

They shattered their fears.

They looked fear dead in the eye and took a leap of faith.

They concurred with their inner demons.

They showed the world that they’re enough & worthy of greatness.

And they did it one short training session at a time.

Which is why I’m excited to invite you to:

Enroll in the Iron Strong Challenge Today!

The “Iron Strong Challenge” was specifically designed to help you learn the basics of Muay Thai and Self Defense in the next 14 Days.

This Challenge is a proven, one of a kind, quick-start, hands-on training system engineered to get you results fast.

And not just when the Challenge is over...

When you implement and take action on each of the daily live coaching lessons with me personally…

You’ll experience WINS every single day for 14 days (even on “break” days)!

Here’s What I Expect Will Happen After Your 14-Day Journey Together Is Complete...


You’ll Have a 

New Set of Skills.

You’ll know how to punch, use knee strikes, elbow strikes and powerful kicks.

Essentially, you’ll have the basics down...and you’ll know more about fighting than the average streetfighter.

Which leads me to point #2…


You’ll Know How to Defend Yourself And Others 

No matter what gender you’re, or what shape you’re in, you’ll know how to defend yourself better than most seasoned street fighters.

You’ll know how to position yourself right and how to effectively strike with force.

The Iron Way is a set of guiding principles I live & teach my students to live an abundant life.

By neglecting any of these areas, we are missing a critical component to our lives.

Which is why there isn’t anything like this out there.

Where we go above and beyond Muay Thai or martial arts…

To live a healthy, prosperous life without fear or resistance holding you back.

Which brings us to the final point.


You’ll Be Amazed At How Good You Look After a VERY Short Period of Time.

It doesn't matter what gender you are or what your vision for your dream body looks like...Muay Thai is one of the best ways to get in shape.

If you’re a man, and you want to bulk up, that’s easily done.

If you’re a woman and want to stay lean & fit...or even compliment your curves, Muay Thai will make it happen.

I've seen people transform into their ideal body in a matter of months by just following my process.

I know this sounds a bit far-fetched, but let me explain why it’s very possible:

Everyday, I run my students through very specific exercises I’ve developed over the last years to focus on building & shaping a balanced body.

Down 160 Pounds From Training

That means…

-  Improving your balance so you can stand one foot & not fall over.

- Learning how to strike the right way, that uses your entire body to deliver powerful blows.

- Fighting & self defense intuition, to THINK calm under pressure.

And so much more.

These exercises make it easy to shape the way you like, and ensure that you’re working towards your weight goals.


There’s Nothing Else Like This Out There!

Over the course of my career I’ve spent over $30,000 attending online & in person Muay Thai training seminars learning from the best teachers in the world.

At one point, I was $20,000 in debt, but I knew I would figure it out.

Because my #1 priority has and always will be my students.

My goal was to figure out how to make an experience so immersive that it felt like you were training live with me in a martial arts gym.

To take all the years I’ve trained with the best in the world to share my knowledge with you from the comfort of your home.

Which is why I’ve designed this program specifically for beginners who are new to martial arts, to help them kick start their journey without having to train in front of a bunch of strangers in a gym.

Let Me Share a Few Examples of What Can Happen When You Follow The Iron Way:

Ready to Learn a Unique Set of Skills That Will Show You How to Live The Iron Way?

I’ve spent over $30,000 & tens of thousands of hours training and learning Muay Thai, so you don’t have to.

And if you head over to a Muay Thai’ll pay anywhere from $90-$200+ per month.

But for a limited time while I continue to run this challenge...

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Join The Iron Strong Challenge for Just $27:   

14 day-by-day program starting from the fundamentals of acquiring your fight stance and building on to it powerful techniques like punches, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and kicks
Lifetime access to all workouts & recordings.
HIIT Follow Along Workouts accompany each of the techniques broken down to practice and really master the movement while getting a quick workout.
Warrior Mindset daily videos to not only strengthen the body but also the mind!
Certificate of completion for your training

Now I bet your next question is...

Is This For Me?

This challenge is specifically designed for beginners that are new to Muay Thai.

It’s designed to teach you the basics to defend yourself and begin your transformation.

So if you have experience in Muay Thai, this is NOT for you (unless you want to master the basics again).

However, if you’re looking for something more advanced, send me an email, and I’ll give you information about my mentorship program: 

But that’s not all, you’ll also get access to..

Bonus #1:
Warrior Mindset Accelerator
($97 Value)

I believe through my own personal experience and those of others around me that mindset is the most overlooked yet important element to manifest a dream reality.

Without overcoming the challenges I faced in my life, I never would have gone down this path to become a 5x National champion fighter.

That’s why everyday of the challenge, I’m going to be teaching you how to adopt the warrior’s mindset, so you can handle any challenge that arises in your life.

Bonus #2:
Heavy Bag Workouts
($47 Value)

If you have a heavy bag at home, I want to share with you 6 additional heavy bag workouts that you can reference time and time again.

And if you don’t have a bag right now, that’s ok…

You can hold onto these workouts and use them if you decide to get a heavy bag at home...or use them at the gym.

I’ll often hear my students telling me there’s nothing sexier than watching someone at the gym training with a punching bag…(just sayin 😉 ) 

Bonus #3:
Certificate of Completion
($97 Value)

When you complete the Iron Strong Challenge, you’ll receive a certification of completion to showcase your accomplishment going through the challenge.

You’ll have a piece to look back on and remember how far you’ve come before you started going through this challenge.

Think of the alternative 

How much can you buy for $27?

A few cups of coffee?

Two sandwiches?

Maybe an impulse buy on Amazon?

Or, you can...

- Get in shape

- Level up your confidence, focus & discipline 

- Learn a new skill that will help you defend yourself, your family, your friends and helpless victims in dire situations.

All in just a few minutes a day.

Life long skills that will enhance every second you walk on this planet.

I guarantee it.

In fact...

If You Don’t Feel More Confident, Focused & Disciplined After The Challenge, I’ll Give You a Quick and Full Refund

Here’s the deal...

If you go through the challenge, and you don’t find that you have a new-found confidence & strength inside... to defend your loved ones and never back down from hard challenges...I’ll give you a full refund.

Even if you start it and don’t think it’s right for you, just send me an email to my personal address I’ll give you a full refund: 

I’ll even eat the payment process fees, so you don’t have to spend a dime.

Just a quick note:  This challenge is for serious people who want to learn Muay Thai.

If that’s not you, that’s ok… Just don’t enroll.

Join the Iron Strong Challenge Today For 
Just $27

14 day-by-day program starting from the fundamentals of acquiring your fight stance and building on to it powerful techniques like punches, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and kicks
Lifetime access to all workouts & recordings.
HIIT Follow Along Workouts accompany each of the techniques broken down to practice and really master the movement while getting a quick workout.
Warrior Mindset daily videos to not only strengthen the body but also the mind!
Certificate of completion for your training

Here's What To Do Next

Click the button below and head to the secure checkout page.

Once you’re there, enter your payment details to enroll.

You’ll instantly receive a confirmation email with the course login to get started on day 1 right away.

Now, you may have a few questions so let me do my best to answer them...

Frequent Answers & Questions

Q. Do I need any equipment? 

NOPE! This program is designed just for that purpose! IN-HOME FOLLOW ALONG shadowbox workouts that give you everything you need. All you need is some space and determination! 

Q. Do I need any prior martial arts experience?

Not at all!

This program is designed to teach you step by step with professional coaches and fighters to help you along the way.

Q. I have a heavy bag. Does your program include heavy bag workouts?

Yes it does! HIIT Heavy Bag Workouts are part of the program. Although the program is geared more towards no equipment workouts like shadowboxing. We have it all!

If we could have you hit pads via video, we would! Come to think of it that's not a bad idea hmmm we will work on that too! :p

Q. How long should I focus on each video? 

I recommend to do each workout and technique video at least x2. This way you really get the most out of each video.

You will also have complete control over your workouts and technique videos with an ON-DEMAND LIBRARY always at your fingertips. You can learn on your own pace, go back to videos you had trouble with, or take a look what is ahead.

Q. Am I too out of shape or old for the program?

This program is design for all skill and experience levels. With an ON DEMAND LIBRARY you are in full control of your workouts. Adjust them to what fits best for you.

As for "Am I too old" - No way! I have seen people with no prior experience train, get in shape, and take on their first fight ever at 60+ years old!

STOP this limiting mindset and let us guide you. This is your chance to kick-start your fitness journey!   

Q: What type of warm-up should I do?

A dynamic warm up that promotes blood flow and involves full body movements is the best choice before punching and kicking.

Q: How long before I see results?

You can see results right after the first video. Our program goes right into the core of each technique and breaks it down as efficiently as possible. This combine with follow along workouts help you master each technique along the way and build strength.

In addition, you will have PDF downloadable files of techniques, Live Stream Q&As with your coaches, and a community that will keep you motivated to reach your full potential!

Q: What if I don’t like it?

You will 🙂 And if you don’t, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you have no risk whatsoever.

Q: What happens if I miss a day?

I always like to follow Matt D'Avella's "2-Day Rule". The premise's ok to miss one day, but not two days in a row.

My recommendation is to do what you can to stick with the daily routine. But if you miss a day, that's ok...just stay on track and miss two days in a row.

Luckily, it's only 15 minutes a day so it's easy to slot into anyone's schedule.

I Was Once a Broken Man

Ready to give it all up.

Until I discovered my inner grit.

My life changed when I stepped into the ring for my first professional fight.

My hand, rib & heart were broken...but I wanted to show the world I could take anything it could throw at me.

I knew I had greatness in me.

So I channeled that pain and knocked my opponent out in the third round.

Although you may not be fighting in the ring, you have your own demons to fight.

Rather than a negative alternative or drowning them out in front of the TV...let me show you a new way.

One where you wake up, ready to fight.

Ready to live The Iron Way?

Then, let’s get started.

Join the Iron Strong Challenge Today For Just $27

This is everything you’re getting when you join today:

14 day-by-day program starting from the fundamentals of acquiring your fight stance and building on to it powerful techniques like punches, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and kicks
Lifetime access to all workouts & recordings.
HIIT Follow Along Workouts accompany each of the techniques broken down to practice and really master the movement while getting a quick workout.
Warrior Mindset daily videos to not only strengthen the body but also the mind!
Certificate of completion for your training

PS: Did you just skip to the end to see what you get? I get it. I do the same thing sometimes. 

Here’s the deal when you sign up for the Iron Way Challenge…

The Challenge was specifically created for folks who are new to martial arts, that want to learn how to defend themselves and their loved ones. And I mean it. You don’t need any experience or equipment to make it happen, it doesn’t even matter what physical shape you’re in right now.

When you join, you’ll get lifetime access to all the training videos, fitness routines & warrior mindset lessons.

You’ll even get a whole pile of bonuses just for joining.

Right now, it’s only $27 to join.

If you feel you didn’t get 10X what you paid at the end of 14 days, I’ll send you a full refund.

Sound fair? Let’s do this!

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