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One-to-one sessions are offered in my Long Island City, NY office.
(Skype is available for remote clients.)

Sessions can include coaching, demonstration of relevant techniques and/or hypnosis trance work - depending on the desired goal/needs of client. Not all of the session time is hypnosis. All hypnosis is truly self-hypnosis and my role is to be the guide to assist you along the path to your own goals as this work can offer you the opportunity to connect to your own internal strengths and resources. The client is expected to take responsibility for their own healing by utilzing what is given and by participating in the process during each session. We work together.


We start with a single/trial session together. This First session is approximately 2 hours in length and is $250. The aim of the first session is to dip your toe in the water. To gather information and begin to explore the cause of your trouble and begin the work of healing. This first session gives you the opportunity to meet me and begin the work. Should you wish to continue on with the work – packages are available. See below.


Most issues that people are suffering with have taken years to develop. Like a personal trainer or coach, we will need a series of sessions to deliver life-changing results for your body, mind and spirit. At the end of the first session you may continue by selecting a discounted package of sessions. I do not currently offer a 1 at a time/session-by-session approach as this can lead to a band-aid approach rather than a more complete, deeper solution that lasts. Package payments may be paid all at once, or may be split into 2 equal payments (one month apart) if desired. Follow up sessions are 60-90 minutes in length, depending on what is needed that day.

The choice is always yours

Taking Action
  • 3 Sessions
  • For some, especially with simpler issues this approach may be sufficient to provide resolution.
Fully Committed
  • 12 Sessions
  • ($175/Session)
  • INCLUDES Subliminal Audio
  • INCLUDES Release & Reset Audio
  • This is intended as a 12 week process: 12 sessions and includes a bonus audio track designed for daily use AND a subliminal audio. Here we focus intensely on your issue(s) using all the tools at our disposal for resolution. Email Support is also included. All in, this is the most effective approach and the most economical session value.

Purchased sessions are valid for 1 year after purchase.

Choose any option at the end of the first session.

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