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Millions of people – including thousands in New York City – are engaged in a constant battle with the scale on a daily basis. Aware just how bad being overweight can be for both their physical and mental health they make deliberate attempts to shed unwanted pounds and spend hundreds of dollars – or more – on special foods and fad diets, or on joining special weight loss clubs only to meet with failure. Which is why an increasing number of people are turning to weight loss hypnosis NYC instead.


Why Weight Loss Just Isn’t Simple

There are very few people who deliberately choose to be overweight. And there are very few who choose to overeat or make poor food choices that lead to unnecessary weight gain. However, eating and overindulgence are often associated in people’s minds with certain events, stressors and even life situations.

Food becomes a crutch and a comfort and once that happens breaking the ‘cycle’ will take more than just choosing to give up carbohydrates or to visit a support club once a week. That old cliche about eating a tub of ice cream after a bad break up? As many people can attest to it’s not a myth at all, it’s a stress-eating reality.

Here’s a practical example:

Jane feels that she would benefit from losing 15 pounds. She makes a great start on a diet. In fact she loses two pounds in the first two weeks. She’s on a roll. But then she takes a new job – which should be another positive step forward – that is a little more stressful than she had expected. Suddenly she’s stopped counting calories and the potato chips at night habit she thought she had ‘kicked’ is back. Before long she has abandoned her diet altogether and is right back where she started.

Weight Loss Hypnosis NYC - A Different Approach to Diets

Jane’s story is far from unusual. Food is a response to stress for many people. Or a comfort in times of trouble. Or a reaction to boredom. So it is these responses that have to be addressed in order for lasting weight loss to occur, and that is exactly what weight loss hypnosis NYC does.

How Does Weight Loss Hypnosis NYC Work?

From there your hypnotist will then tailor a treatment plan to address your unique issues and begin providing you, under hypnosis, with positive suggestions and affirmations, and suggested strategies for positive change that you will be able to carry forth into your everyday ‘conscious’ life that will allow you to finally lose the weight you have been hoping to and end that ongoing battle with the scale that for so many people affects their whole life – not just their body – in such a negative way.

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