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Craig Mackay

– Not Your Average Hypnotist.


Many people created the life they thought they wanted, a life that looks really great on paper, yet it didn’t give them the satisfaction and fulfillment they hoped it would.

craig mackay

I’m Craig Mackay, Hypnotic Coach & Founder of Freedom Hypnosis.

While I have worked for many years helping clients rapidly transform challenges that have impacted their daily life, helping clients with everything from smoking cessation to losing weight and reducing stress & anxiety…

I’ve noticed that the clients who drastically upleveled their lives through hypnotic coaching were people who had what appeared to be amazing and impressive lives on the outside, but were left feeling lost & disillusioned and unsure how to get unstuck.

These clients had achieved their goals, but deep down, they knew that they weren’t living the life they truly wanted to live. They felt like they were in a mental prison, trapped by their own limiting beliefs and fears, and unsure about how to break free.

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. As a hypnotic coach, I specialize in coaching the subconscious mind to help clients create the life they truly desire. Unlike traditional hypnosis, which focuses on suggestion and control, hypnotic coaching empowers clients to take an active role in their own transformation.

Unlike traditional hypnosis, which is often misunderstood as a one-way process in which the Hypnotist takes control of your mind, coaching the unconscious mind is an interactive and collaborative experience. Together, we will connect you to the experience of the outcome you are seeking. Like grabbing the “code” of that you, who has THAT outcome that you desire. And if needed, we will work through any blocks or obstacles that arise and develop personalized strategies to help you move beyond them.

But why is hypnotic coaching so powerful? The answer lies in the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is said to be responsible for 95% of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, yet it operates beneath our conscious awareness. By coaching the subconscious mind, we can unlock its full potential and create lasting change.

Hypnotic Suggestion

One client, let’s call her Sarah, came to me feeling stuck in her career. She had achieved success as a lawyer, but she felt unfulfilled and longed for a career that would allow her to make a difference in the world. She felt like an imposter, unworthy of making a change and having the life she truly desired.


Through hypnotic coaching, we were able to uncover the limiting beliefs and fears that were holding her back, and reprogram her subconscious mind to believe in her own worth and potential. Within months, Sarah had launched her own non-profit organization, and was finally living the life she had always dreamed of.

If you’re ready to break free from your mental prison and create the life you truly desire, then I invite you to book a call with me today.


Get the Results You Want With Hypnosis NYC!

Freedom Hypnosis
Hypnosis is a state of highly focused attention and concentration. It is 100% natural and normal … and it is also highly effective. You are already entering the Hypnosis everyday – and probably didn’t know it!
Elements of hypnosis are present in our daily lives. Advertising subtly implants suggestions, and repetitive routines create autopilot moments where cues influence our thoughts and actions. Hypnosis’s subtle influence shapes our decisions without us realizing it.

Our sessions are going to be different from anything you’ve done before. Through positive suggestion and the release of negative feelings along with the integration of new skills and strategies … you are going to learn to overcome whatever is holding you back!

Hypnosis Isn’t Magic, But the Results Can be Truly Magical!

This style of coaching is NOT a good fit for you if….

But if you’re coachable, open to collaboration, and ready to take personal responsibility for your own transformation, then I believe that we can achieve incredible things together. So book your call today, and let’s begin the journey towards your best life.

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What Others Have to Say About Their Experience:

Freedom Hypnosis
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One year ago, I decided to try hypnosis with Craig for smoking cessation and am happy to say it worked. It only took 2 sessions for me to kick the habit, well worth the money! I have not had a cigarette since. Thank you Craig!
Elsie P.Elsie P.
13:01 05 Jun 23
Craig is amazing!!! I was ready to take this big leap and he guided me through a couple of issues I dealt with for years. Thank you Craig.
Cutler ReeceCutler Reece
20:39 09 Dec 22
Craig has been an amazing help to me in conquering my anxiety. He offers virtual appointments that were perfect. I started seeing improvements after my very first session. I highly recommend Craig for hypnosis sessions on overcoming issues in many different areas of your life. I also purchased his at home hypnosis audio program so I can use those when I am in-between sessions or as needed. Id highly recommend Craig. Hands down one of the best.
Sil MSil M
22:43 24 Oct 22
I have worked with Craig for a few years, he has helped me with a few bumps in the road. He helped me manage my anxiety and also get through a rough time with insomnia …I’ll always reach out to him if I hit a bad rough patch and its well worth it. Craig also cares and checks in with you to see how your doing and if he can help in any other way. I highly recommend him for whatever your trying to work on.
Dana CuzmiciovDana Cuzmiciov
15:26 28 Mar 22
Craig is the magician for me, that is one word that would describe my experience.
16:02 06 Mar 22
I am absolutely hopeful for the future working with Craig.Thank you for believing in me. Best hypnotist in NewYork! Don’t hesitate to book an appointment! I felt better even after ONE SESSION!Thanks again Freedom Hypnosis.
Sumbal MSumbal M
12:48 21 Apr 21
Craig is very talented and experienced. He make sure is clients get the best out of each session. I feel better after my therapy. I highly recommend Craig.
Michelle LesperanceMichelle Lesperance
21:18 02 Jun 20
Craig has been such a light in my life. On days where I really needed motivation and strength, he showed me that I am capable and strong enough to heal myself. He’s helped me realize my worth and he truly was invested in my growth. I can tell he is here to help others and genuinely cares about what he does. He doesn’t rush the sessions he will talk things through with you until you’re fully comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone looking to bring positive change to their lives. He’s relatable, helpful and so caring. Thank you Craig!
Bojana CfarkuBojana Cfarku
23:35 18 Feb 20
Craig is very caring, he really Listens to you and he is a master in hypnotherapy. Freedom hypnosis has help me tremendously and faster than I thought it would. It ‘s the best place if you’re going the hypnosis route. I cannot recommend this place enough. Craig is very professional and passionate and he really cares. He will tailor the session/recordings per your needs. Do yourself a favor and look no further. He is the real deal.


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All sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or even through a traditional phone call. Don’t worry, remote sessions have been shown to be just as effective as face-to-face meetings! Plus, you won’t have to battle traffic or the weather to get to a physical location.


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