Pricing Options

All Sessions Are Conducted Online via Zoom/Video Conference Or Over The Phone.

(Skype OR FaceTime are also available if needed)

I’m Ready To Start:

All new clients start with a brief, free strategy call. We will simply discuss your goals and challenges and discuss how we might work together on them. If it’s a mutual fit – we start with booking 1 paid session.

The first session is approx. 90 mins in length and costs $250. Dip your toe in the water. This first session gives you a chance to meet me (online video) and for us to explore the goal/problem and begin the work of healing. At the end of that session – we can discuss options for moving forward. You can see my package options below.

After session 1, sessions tend to be around 60-90 mins in length. Depending on what is needed. 

Coaching Packages

Most issues that people are suffering with have taken years to develop. Like a fitness coach and training, we will need more than one session to deliver life-changing results for your body, mind and spirit. At the end of the first session you may continue to book sessions at the same rate ($250/session), or you may select a discounted package of sessions instead. All Sessions & Packages are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

Taking Action

$ 675
  • SAVE $75
  • X
  • X
  • This basic package includes 3 sessions. For some, especially with simple issues, this short-term approach may be sufficient to provide resolution. ($225 Session)


$ 1300
  • SAVE $200
  • INCLUDES “Release & Reset” Audio
  • X
  • For most, this will be the best choice: 6 sessions and includes a bonus “Release & Reset” audio to maximize the effectiveness of the process with the client listening at home to augment the sessions. ($216 Session).

Fully Committed

$ 2400
  • SAVE $600
  • INCLUDES Subliminal Audio
  • INCLUDES “Release & Reset” Audio
  • This is intended as a 12 week process: 12 sessions and includes a subliminal audio. Here we focus intensely on your issue(s) using all the tools at our disposal for resolution. Email Support is included. All in, this is the most effective approach and the most economical choice. ($200 Session).

Ready to get started?

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