Gain Control of Your Anxiety &
Your Life Through Hypnosis

Get rid of the worries … and change your life for the better. In this program, you’ll learn how to control your anxiety through hypnosis so you can prevent its harmful effects and you can regain your life and your happiness.

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Why Work With Craig For Anxiety Relief?

Feeling worried and afraid is no way to go through life. The truth is you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you learn to let go of your anxiety.
What is really great about this process is you won’t have to wait to see results. I use advanced hypnosis strategies and personalized coaching so changes can be seen immediately.
In this program, I use an integrated approach to work with both the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind. I first teach you how to gain control over your thoughts and feelings and then how to adjust your behaviors, habits and reactions. You are going to learn to unlock your natural abilities and take back control of how you feel. That means no more massive stress and anxiety. Instead, you will release what is holding you back and through the use of powerful hypnosis strategies we will turn old weaknesses into strengths.

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What Others Have to Say About their Experience:

You Experience A Customized LIVE Hypnosis Program

This is most definitely not a “cookie-cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” program. Your process will be customized to what is best for you and your goals.
You’re going to discover:
In this program you also receive:

Just Be Ready to Be Active in Your Transformation!

There is a common misconception about hypnosis. I won’t be doing anything “to you.” Instead I will be working with you to help you realize your goal. My role is as a facilitator and motivator in YOU creating YOUR desired goal.
In other words, you will be an active participant in this program. I am going to give you tools to manage anxiety when it comes up and help you “rewire’ your brain to better deal with anxiety so the same things that you are having problems with don’t come up again and again in the future.

What to Expect During Your Initial Session:

First …
We will talk about your goals and I will explain how hypnosis can help you achieve them. I’ll explain the process step by step so that you understand the science behind this approach and why it is so effective. More specifically, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do in this particular session and how it is going to help you going forward. My mission during this introductory part of the session is always to get you informed and excited about the process and eager to get started.
Second …
During this part of the session, I use hypnosis to work with your neurological system with a focus on your subconscious, which is the source of much of your anxiety. The simple truth is your conscious mind can know that you shouldn’t worry but your subconscious mind won’t let you stop. We will identify negative, anxious thoughts and eliminate them so that you feel more calm, comfortable and in control.
Third …
Here we continue to attack and get rid of your anxiety. You can count on me to take into consideration all possible angles and to use evidence-based hypnosis and coaching techniques that are customized to your particular needs so that you replace anxiety with calmness. I will help you take back control of your life.
Fourth …
Here…As soon as you open your eyes you begin to put into effect what we worked on during the hypnosis and session. Most clients at this stage are surprised by how much fun this process is as well as how effective it is. You’ll feel calm and confident that you can finally put anxiety behind you and build your confidence. I will also give you easy, quick and effective techniques that you can use on your own to help you achieve even better results faster.
Fifth …
We complete a similar format for all sessions in your program – but all of the work is based upon you. Your goals. And what YOU need. Many clients become “raving fans” of the process and go on to refer others to me.

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