What Life Could be Like? – “If Only…”

Anxiety Relief With Hypnosis

Imagine, for a moment, what it feels like to have that painful, nagging problem you have.

I don’t care what it is….

smoking, lack of self-confidence, asking for that raise, public speaking, whatever it is…

Take a moment to imagine how that feels right now.

What are you doing in your mind’s eye? How do you feel when you’re in that situation? What are you telling yourself about what you’re doing and why?

It kind of sucks, right?

Now, I’d like you to imagine what would happen if you simply didn’t have that problem.

What would that actually look like? What might you be telling yourself instead? How would others respond to you?

Feels good, I hope?

Now I want to ask a silly question, but I hope you’ll entertain me for a second:

What if you were able to live a life where you simply FORGOT to do the very thing that bothered you?

Let me rephrase that:

What if the struggle simply didn’t come up in the situations it does now?

So instead of waking up and smoking right away, you forget that it’s even a thing.

Or instead of grabbing that jelly donut, you naturally choose the healthier option without realizing you’re doing it.

What if instead of fighting yourself, the “yourself” you used to be fighting is now working for you to help you make better choices?

No fighting, willpower, or positive affirmations are required.

How would THAT feel?

Impossible, you say?

Not so!

My customized sessions create this future for you. So you won’t just be “acting as if” the problem is gone. The problem will actually and truly have vanished from your life.

And before you click here to book a no-cost discovery session with me now, hear me out:

This program is NOT for the faint of heart or those who relish struggling with their problem.

That’s because change can feel scary, and some would rather sit with their discomfort than feel the abundant possibilities that come with being free of their emotional struggle.

So please, only schedule a call if you actually have the courage to live a life free of your current pain. Here’s how it will go: at our scheduled time we’ll speak for about 15 minutes. If I feel your problem is a good fit and if you qualify for the program, we’ll schedule a date for you to get started.

And before you know it, you’ll look back and realize that this is the moment where it all started to get better for you.

But it can only happen when you set aside your skepticism and take the first step.

Book a no-cost discovery call with me today.

P.S. – There is NO obligation to this call. If we decide your problem isn’t a good fit for the program, then I’ll simply refer you to someone who can help. Easy as can be, right? So book a call today while it’s fresh on your mind.

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