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At Freedom Hypnosis, one of the questions I hear from time to time is, “Can I be Hypnotized”? I-can'

Tell me: what do you imagine when you think about hypnosis” ?

For a long time, my mental image was that swinging, golden pocket watch rocking back and forth with circular images floating in the background.

When this image popped up, I used to feel like this was some special state that only highly trained magicians could induce… and only soft-minded fools could fall into.


I’ve since discovered that this image was far from the truth.

The truth is that we are all capable of being hypnotized because we hypnotize ourselves all the time. Imagine a time when you “zoned out” for a little bit. Perhaps you were lost in thought while driving. Or you ate an entire package of that snack while watching your favorite show on Netflix. Or maybe that time where you daydreamed of some pleasant scenario before drifting off to sleep.


All of these ordinary moments are examples of self-hypnosis.

It is entirely possible that you can be hypnotized because you live your life in a state of hypnosis. We all hop from one trance state to another. 

The idea that you can’t be hypnotized is an excuse for not wanting the transformation desired. This excuse gives them a reason to avoid trying a solution that has proven to work time and time again to provide relief from ● Excessive worryFearsLack of good sleepSmokingStubborn extra weight…. And more 

If you or someone in your life feels firmly they can’t be hypnotized yet desperately wants an almost effortless solution to the problems listed above, I urge you to read the success stories, watch the videos, and then book a risk-free, no-cost discovery call with me today. 

When you call, we’ll discuss the issue you’d like resolved and if you qualify for the Freedom Hypnosis program. If you do and it’s a problem I can solve, you’ll receive a personal invitation to take the next step. Here’s what people say about the Freedom Hypnosis program:

Girl in a jacket

These are REAL PEOPLE getting REAL RESULTS with hypnosis… some of whom had the same objections as you’re holding right now.


So connect with me to get hypnotized today!

When you’re ready to experience lasting transformation for any of such issues, then contact me today. Hypnosis is the most effective way to help with overeating and insomnia, quitting bad habits such as smoking, relieving anxiety, and gaining a positive attitude. We at Freedom Hypnosis serving NYC are intent on affecting change in their clients’ lives. For more information or questions, please visit; call (917) 300.1809; or email Craig at

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