Celebrities Who Used Hypnosis To Improve Their Lives

Hypnotherapy has been used across the world for hundreds of years, for lots of different reasons. And celebrities making use of it is nothing new either. It’s rumored that Mozart claimed that he wrote one of his most famous works – “Cosi fan tutte” while under hypnosis.


For a while, after the turn of the twentieth century, thanks in part to Vegas-style entertainment – hypnotherapy has not been taken very seriously. It’s a shame because it’s a very effective therapeutic way to overcome all kinds of things.

The good news is that things are now changing and people are taking things like hypnotherapy seriously again. And that includes a number of very well-known celebrities who have even been willing to share their positive experiences with the world. Wondering who these people are? Here’s a rundown of just some of the A-Listers who have made use of hypnotherapy in recent years.

best-hypnotherapist-for-celebrities Ewan McGregor

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor – of Star Wars and Trainspotting fame – says that he began smoking heavily as a teenager and the habit followed him for years, despite his desire to quit. Finally, in 2006 he turned to hypnotherapy to help him stop smoking, and after a process that he described to journalists as ‘effortless’, he has not smoked in almost a decade, since 2006 in fact. Performance Anxiety also plagued him as an actor and to combat anxiety, he turned to hypnosis.




Renowned as one of the most talented singers of her generation, Adele was also a heavy smoker since her early teenage years. A combination of her desire to preserve her incredible voice and to get healthier before becoming pregnant led her to try hypnotherapy to quit smoking. And for her, it has been very successful. Recently, she’s also said to have used hypnotherapy to lose those extra pounds.



Spice Girls

The Spice Girls were the face of female empowerment in the Nineties and to the outside world the epitome of confidence. And yet Scary Spice – aka Mel B – has made use of hypnotherapy to help her overcome a childhood stage fright habit and to help her lose weight. Ginger Spice – Geri Halliwell – is a huge proponent of these treatments to help her both lose weight and gain confidence as a solo artist after the Spice Girls disbanded.


These are just a few celebrity ‘fans’ of hypnotherapy. Others include Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, Kevin Bacon, and even Ellen Degeneres, who actually began her hypnotherapy treatment to quit smoking right on her show. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to benefit from hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is not an exorbitantly expensive treatment that only the wealthy can afford. It’s an accessible, affordable, and effective way to help anyone willing to try it overcome all kinds of difficulties, fears, and health problems including quitting smoking, losing weight, overcoming fears, and much more.

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