Impact of Hypnosis over Health in 2020

It is 2020—how do you feel about it? For many, a new year, especially a new decade, means the promise of great possibilities and a fresh start. On the other hand, many feel quite the opposite. Some are struggling with feelings of anxiety and negativity without any hope in sight. 

Which kind are you? Do you go to bed feeling satisfied with your day or are you glad it’s over? Are you a glass half full or half empty type of person? If you skew more to half empty, do you want to change that?


There are many ways to change outlook and perspective such as adopting an exercise regimen, changing your diet, or reading self-help books, for example.

But what if these did not work for you? Have you ever thought of trying hypnosis?

What is hypnosis?

Despite what is portrayed in mainstream media or gossip, hypnosis is a well-studied form of treatment producing legitimate results. For example, hypnosis can help with the alleviation of anxiety, stress, and negativity; aid in curing bad habits such as smoking and nail-biting; and can assist with weight loss, past life regression, sports performance, public speaking, and insomnia, to name a few.

What can hypnosis do for you?

Under the guidance of a qualified hypnotist, individuals are put into a relaxed state and their subconscious mind is accessed. The subconscious mind can unblock mental obstacles that hinder the conscious mind, and the conscious self, from truly functioning to the best of its abilities. Through a series of tailored sessions, one’s true potential is uncovered and revealed, allowing positive and beneficial energy to be unleashed.

Uncover Your True Potential

Nobody is happy all the time. The best we can do is strive to be happy most of the time. That comes with making a commitment to changing the things in your life that are impeding your progress. 

Hypnosis can help you do that. Like with any goal, it requires commitment and determination, but once you have made the decision to try hypnosis to change your life, you will not regret it.

One of the many benefits of hypnosis is that the sessions are painless. Instead of being out of breath and sweating, individuals feel a great sense of satisfaction and lightness. It is truly a great thing to feel uplifted.

What do you have to lose?

The professionals at Freedom Hypnosis strive every day to ensure that you are living your best life. Their goal is always to make you feel like you have accomplished something and positive you are taking the right steps to take control of the things in your life that are impeding your potential and removing them. Freedom Hypnosis is located in Long Island City and serves Queens and the surrounding areas like Staten Island, Brooklyn, Clifton, Livingston. For more information, visit, call 917.300.1809, or email Craig at You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain! Call them today!

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