What Can Hypnosis Help With?


A lot of people ask me,

“Craig, can hypnosis really help me with ______ ?”

And the answer, most of the time, is a resounding YES!

Hypnosis is a perfectly safe clinically-approved procedure. It has a lot of benefits and can help cure some of the most persistent habits.

The Benefits of Hypnosis

Here are just a few of the “problems” when asked what can hypnosis help with:

Some of you may be skeptical right now, thinking, “Wait, how can hypnosis possibly help this many problems?”

And I don’t blame you for feeling this way.

Myths about Hypnosis

That’s because some people DO parade hypnosis around like it’s the end-all, be-all, snake oil solution to problems.

So it’s no wonder they believe hypnosis to be no better than snake oil as if it were a panacea for fools. Yet those of us who are trained in hypnotherapy and those who have tried it know otherwise, on both counts.

First – no, hypnosis cannot do everything. It can’t help you grow taller, for example.

On the other hand, you won’t cluck like a chicken, either. That’s a popular media-inspired hypnosis myth.

Hypnosis works when you want it to work and only on the areas you actually want to change.

Furthermore, hypnosis does work for so many things because it changes the underlying reason you have the problem to begin with. Whatever the “problem” is, it doesn’t really matter. The strategy for changing the program is still the same.

Getting Started with Hypnotherapy

In the Hypnosis Sessions, here’s how that strategy looks (over an average of 3-4 sessions):

  1. You book a no-cost discovery call with me to find out if your problem even qualifies for the program
  2. If you qualify, you’ll be invited to join. If you join, you’ll be given a start date.
  3. When we start, we’ll dig into your problem and what it is like for YOU. (No two people experience things the same, even if they’re experiencing the same exact problem.)
  4. Together, we’ll walk through what life could be like for you and how you’ll change the underlying programming keeping you back. (So you’re fully aware of what’s going on and how it will work and are a full participant in your transformation.)
  5. I’ll walk you through the hypnosis steps so you can change the underlying patterns.
  6. We’ll test to make sure the problem is no longer there – that we’ve changed the programming.
  7. You’ll walk away with some maintenance tools but, more importantly, you’ll be free of the thoughts, patterns, and habits that you used to fight so hard. You might not even remember having the problem in the first place!

When you’re ready to hear if my hypnotherapy sessions are right for you, then go ahead and book a discovery call today.

You have nothing to lose except the very thing holding you back from your best life.

P.S. I have an entire YouTube channel of videos about hypnosis and personal transformation. Check it out.

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