About Hypnosis

What is hypnosis? Debunk myths and learn more about the valid clinical practice called hypnotherapy with these articles. Hypnosis is a safe and clinically-proven method. You might be surprised at what it can do.

Common Myths about Hypnotic Suggestion

Discover Inner Peace: Hypnosis Services Now Available in New York City

Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Do you long for a sense of inner peace and tranquility? Look no further because hypnosis services are now available in New York City to help you discover your path to serenity. This blog will explore the world of hypnosis and its incredible benefits. From individual hypnotherapy …

Discover Inner Peace: Hypnosis Services Now Available in New York City Read More »

woman being hypnotized thinking will hypnosis work for me

Will hypnosis really work for me?

I’ve heard it more times than I can count from people who’ve experienced relief using the hypnosis sessions. When you’re ready to set aside your skepticism and find out if hypnosis through my custom sessions will work for you, go ahead and book a free discovery call with me. We’ll spend 15 minutes to discuss your problem and, if you qualify, you’ll be invited to take the next step. If not, I’ll refer you to someone else who can help.

hypnosis happens to us everyday

You’ve Already Been Under Hypnosis

This is a pretty bold statement but actually, it’s true. Have you ever driven to work and not remembered how you got there? Do you know why that is? It is because after having driven to and from work over a long period of time, the practice has become automatic and you are in a trance-like state. In a sense, you were hypnotized. The same can be said as when you are using your phone, so engrossed with what you’re seeing on the small screen that everything else goes unnoticed. You become unaware of your surroundings and have tuned out everything.

woman looking at clock for hypnosis

Self Hypnosis

You have not succumbed to the media’s comical portrayal of this medically-recognized technique and understand its power to aid in reforming bad habits, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, aid in weight loss, enhance general well-being, etc. Really the benefits are endless.

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